I get very nervous going down ladders

Kate walks to center stage carrying a tall step ladder and a bag over her shoulder. She sets the ladder up in the middle of the stage, directly underneath a light bulb socket hanging from a cord. Kate sets the bag on the floor, then reaches into the bag and pulls out a single light bulb.

Kate cautiously starts climbing up the ladder carrying the light bulb in one of her hands.

Kate: For a long time, I thought the hardest part about art was all the work that went in to bringing the beautiful thing into existence.

Kate continues to cautiously go up the ladder, switching hands to keep the light bulb safe, while also keeping herself safe on the ladder.

Kate: It is hard. And perilous. At any moment the whole thing could fall apart.

If at any point, Kate bobbles the light bulb and drops it, she’ll climb back down and pull out another light bulb from the bag and say the following line.

Kate: Sometimes you have to start over from scratch.

Eventually, Kate makes it to the top of the ladder. She’ll need to establish balance and then screw the light bulb in to the socket. When the light bulb is screwed in, it should immediately light up.

Kate: When you get there, when your art is finally out there for everyone to see, it is an awe-inspiring place to be as a creator. At these times I’ve been overwhelmed by positive emotions. It’s almost too much for me to process at once, it crashes over and over and I’m…

Kate closes her eyes for a moment while she stands at the top of the ladder with the light bulb shining right on her. Kate reopens her eyes.

Kate: But then it’s time to go back to work. Go back to regular day to day stuff and take care of all the boring mind/body/house/life things that I haven’t been taking care of.

Kate looks down.

Kate: I can’t stay here. I don’t even want to stay here all the time. But down there…

Kate looks down.

Kate: That is the hardest part.

Kate climbs down the ladder.


If her anxiety doesn’t allow her to go down by herself, Kate must call out “Help” and another performer in the wings will come out and hold the ladder and talk Kate through going down the ladder.