Kate Gorman is a writer and artist who works in fabric, color, and audio. Her background as a theater performer, filmmaker, novelist, and quilter has contributed to the artwork she makes now, which encodes experiences with language, the built and natural environment, and mental and emotional processes. Her work seeks to enrich people’s understanding of their own sensory experiences and encourages a closer look at the boundary between and what is visible and what is hidden.

Using the techniques of quiltmaking, Kate translates words or feelings into geometric tessellations, while also concealing patterns in what seems like randomness. Audio allows her to explore both fictional and real stories linked to specific spaces where she guides a listener through a walking experience or constructs a place for them to rest. Through watercolor and colored pencil, she has expanded the symbolic vocabulary she uses to document and interpret psychogeographic walks and to capture visual concepts and algorithms.     

Kate was selected as a 2019 Emerging Artist by the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory and is a Summer Denbo Fellow at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. She was also awarded an Arts and Humanities Fellowship for 2018 by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and was a spring 2018 resident with 202Creates and the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment.

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