After Calendar Year: Part 3

Kate walks to center stage carrying a box and a stool. She sets the stool down at the edge of the stage close to the audience and then places the box on the stool.

Kate: I’ve got one more thing I’d like to share from my experience watching people interact with Calendar Year. I’ll need another 10 volunteers. If you participated either of the other times, please count to 30 before getting up to join the line so others get a chance.

If you’d like to participate, please form a line over here [Kate gestures to the stage right wall] and when it is your turn, please walk up to me and face me. I’ll be handing you a piece of paper with something written on it. After you open and read the paper, you can keep it and walk back to your seat. Then the next person in line can come over to me.

Up to 10 members of the audience line up along the stage right wall, or they don’t.

If the audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: Could the first person in line come over here?

Kate stands facing stage right. When the audience member stands in front of her, she hands them a piece of paper. Written on it is “You don’t have to be your feelings.” Kate repeats this up to 10 times.

If no audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: All right. We’ll just wait one minute looking at each other and then I’ll show you what’s written on the paper.

Kate waits for one minute, looking at the members of the audience. When the minute is up, she holds up a piece of paper with the words “You don’t have to be your feelings” written on it.