It took me a long time to get here

Four long fabric panels hang down from above. Panel #1, furthest stage right, is an opaque fabric panel. Beside it, Panel #2 is an opaque fabric panel with a small rectangle of translucent fabric at eye level. Panel #3 is an opaque fabric panel with a window-sized rectangle. Panel #4 is a translucent fabric panel.

A performer walks out on stage and stops in front of Panel #1. They set down on the stage an audio playback device they are carrying. They are wearing a sign or a t-shirt that says “I’m” on the front. The performer then turns around to face Panel #1 and the sign/t-shirt says “JOY”.

Kate enters the stage and stands behind Panel #1.

The performer wearing “JOY” presses play on some cool music.

Kate: Ooh, music. That’s nice.

“JOY” starts dancing in front of Panel #1.

Kate: I know you are there, and you’re doing something, but I can’t really see what you are doing.

“JOY” continues to dance.

Kate: Okay. Maybe I’ll just move a little bit.

Kate moves to stand behind Panel #2. The audience sees her eyes in the translucent rectangle.

Kate: Oh, you’re dancing. That’s cool.

“JOY” dances in front of Panel #2 for a while and then begins doing bigger more complex moves over the full length of the stage.

Kate: You’re moving around. A lot. I didn’t quite catch that last part.

“JOY” continues dancing over the full length of the stage.

Kate: Let me just try over here.

Kate moves to stand behind Panel #3.

Kate: Much better. Wow, you’re really into this.

“JOY” makes a really cool move.

Kate: Ooh. That was a really cool move.

“JOY” turns to face Kate. “JOY” motions for Kate to follow their moves.

Kate: Oh, I’m not very good at dancing.

“JOY” starts with an easy gesture with their arms and hands that Kate is able to copy.

Kate: That wasn’t so bad.

“JOY” begins a series of head/arm/hand movements that Kate is able to copy. They dance together when Kate gets the routine down.

Kate: Hey, I’m doing it!

“JOY” then makes a move involving legs/feet.

Kate: Woah, hey, I didn’t get that part. Let me move over here.

Kate moves over to Panel #4. “JOY” makes the move involving legs/feet again. Kate practices and is able to copy the move. They dance together.

“JOY” extends their hand to Kate. Kate mimics the move, but “JOY” shakes their head. “JOY” motions for Kate to partner dance with them.

Kate: Oh, no. I’m not good at that.

“JOY” pantomimes how fun partner dancing could be.

Kate: [shakes head] I don’t know.

“JOY” moves far stage right and gestures to get a volunteer from the audience to join them in demonstrating how fun partner dancing could be. A volunteer joins “JOY” and they dance together in the audience and around the stage. The panels obscure Kate’s view at times.

Kate: What are you doing over there?

Kate moves out from behind Panel #4 to see better. “JOY” and the volunteer dance past, and then they finish their dance. “JOY” bows to the volunteer then moves over to Kate very quickly.

There is no panel between them.

“JOY” holds out their arms inviting Kate to partner dance. They stand facing each other for a long moment.