Corporate espionage, eco-terrorism, and territorial dissidents complicate the lives of the nine crew members working at energy company Permaron’s isolated Antarctic Station Three. But they’ll have to navigate each other if they want to save themselves from certain doom.

The Pennies, a coalition of separatists hell-bent on controlling their Antarctic claims, are gearing up for something big. Station Three’s head of security, Lau, has heard the rumors, but other problems around the station keep distracting her from discovering the Pennies’ plans. Fresh recruits arriving earlier than planned. Higher production quotas from the head office. The discovery of illegal technology smuggled on to the station.

Then, a decoy emergency alert turns into the worst disaster of her career.

At first, Lau thinks the culprit must be the Pennies. The deeper she digs, however, the more it looks like an inside job. If she doesn’t figure out which crew member is involved soon, her best case scenario is she’ll be out of a job. The worst case is an even more devastating disaster that could endanger the lives of the entire crew.

ON THE ICE is a speculative fiction thriller available on Amazon.