After Calendar Year: Part 2

Kate walks to center stage and faces the audience.

Kate: I’d like to share something else I’ve been thinking about a lot since watching people interact with Calendar Year. I’ll need another 10 volunteers. If you participated the first time, please count to 30 before getting up to join the line so others get a chance.

If you’d like to participate, please form a line over here [Kate gestures to the stage right wall] and when it is your turn, please stand next to me facing the audience. I’ll be whispering very closely to your ear. When I’m finished sharing, you can walk back to your seat and the next person in line can come over to stand near me.

Up to 10 members of the audience line up along the stage right wall, or they don’t.

If the audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: Could the first person in line come over here next to me?

Kate turns her back to the audience. When an audience member stands next to her, she whispers, “A feeling doesn’t last forever.” Kate repeats this up to 10 times.

If no audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: Okay, no problem. We’ll just wait one minute looking at each other and then I’ll whisper what I’ve been thinking about.

Kate waits for one minute, looking at the members of the audience. When the minute is up, she says:

Kate: [in a whisper] A feeling doesn’t last forever.