After Calendar Year: Part 1

Kate walks to center stage carrying two folding chairs. She places them up close to the edge of the stage or on the same level as the audience. Kate arranges the chairs next to each other so that one faces the audience and one faces the back of the stage.

Kate: I’d like to share something I’ve been thinking about a lot since I got to watch people interact with a quilt-tent-audio piece I did for DC Listening Lounge’s 2018 exhibit at the Hirshhorn. So I’ll need up to 10 volunteers.

If you would like to hear it, please form a line over here [Kate gestures to the stage right wall] and when it is your turn, please sit in the chair facing the audience. When I’m finished sharing, you can stand up and walk back to your seat, and then the next person in line can come sit down.

Up to 10 members of the audience line up along the stage right wall, or they don’t.

If audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: Could the first person in line come sit down?

After the first audience member sits in the chair facing the audience, Kate sits down with her back to the audience. She says in a low voice, “Having feelings isn’t bad.” Kate repeats this up to 10 times.

If no audience members line up, Kate says:

Kate: Don’t worry about it. We’ll just wait one minute looking at each other and then I’ll tell you what I’ve been thinking about.

Kate waits for one minute, looking at the members of the audience. When the minute is up, she says:

Kate: [in a low voice] Having feelings isn’t bad.