Uncommonly happy

IMG_1146 (1)

I sold two more books over the weekend. When I saw the two new dots on the Paid Units graph of my KDP account this morning, a huge smile invaded my face. It is thrilling each time. I get a giddy upwelling of emotion in my chest and depressing/irritating/negative thoughts evaporate from my head.

No one would be impressed with my sales figures. I haven’t sold copies in the quantities that get the attention of an agent or a publisher or a film or television studio. It is fantastic to get that kind of attention, no doubt, but my figures aren’t at megaphone-level volume yet.

That doesn’t stop me from feeling a surge of happiness with each sale. The experience of someone wanting to spend a few bucks to read my book is an unexpected delight.

I like spending money on other people’s art. I get something super cool, and they get some cash. I used to think such transactions were a small thing. A few dollars couldn’t really matter that much to the artist. But I feel differently since I put my novel out there.

A book sold is a new kind of audience feedback for me. Each book someone buys feels like a vote for me to keep writing. And that is a wonderful gift. One of the nicest I have received.

Thanks for buying my novel. Thanks for buying someone else’s novel or comic book or print or quilt. You voted for an artist to keep doing what she’s doing.

Happiness like that is pretty great to spread around.


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