Orange Handles, part 1

Kate walks out on stage holding a folded piece of fabric. She unfurls the fabric down the stage and into the aisle of the audience, revealing a long blue line drawn down the center of it. She carefully smooths the fabric out on the ground. 

While she smooths the fabric, Kate asks for volunteer audience members along the aisle to hold the fabric tight when she asks them to. 

When she finishes smoothing, Kate crouches at the end of the fabric furthest away from the audience. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pair of small, orange handled scissors. 

Kate: They were only ever to be used for fabric or hair. 

Kate asks the volunteers from the audience to hold the fabric tightly. She begins cutting the fabric along the blue line. 

Kate: One pair was kept in the sewing box near the sewing machine. Another was kept in the master bedroom bathroom closet in an oblong white box with the hair clipper, a thin comb, and a gray slippery smock. 

Kate continues cutting the fabric. 

Kate: At first I didn’t know why. But I followed the rule of these particular scissors only being used for fabric and hair because I was a good girl who followed the rules. 

Kate continues cutting the fabric. 

Kate: It was only later I found out why. Seamstresses, tailors, barbers, and hairdressers will tell you why. Good scissors are not just nice to have, they are essential to getting a crisp, clean cut. A dull edge is your enemy. Any cutter worth their salt will protect the sharpness of their scissors at all costs. Plastic and paper and cardboard and wire, they will do nothing but wear down and pit and nick the edge you want to protect.

Kate continues cutting the fabric. 

Kate: It was the first time I really understood that taking care of your tools meant they would take care of you. 

Kate finishes cutting. She asks the volunteers to release their hold on the fabric.