Airport play

On the stage are four seats lined up next to each other with a couple backpacks, a tote bag, and a couple coats piled on the seats. The lights are bluish and dim.

Kate enters the stage and sits on a chair without anything on it. 

An audio recording of the sounds of an airport terminal waiting area slowly fade up. The sounds (announcements, murmured conversations, airplanes taking off and landing, rolling suitcases, rifling through bags, eating noises of chewing or wrappers, game playing) resolve fully and then fade into the background, overlapping with each other and repeating. These sounds play over the length of the play (which could be from five to fifteen minutes). 

While the audio recording plays, the lights slowly, over the length of the play, begin to brighten and turn into a golden color. 

Kate sits with her eyes open or closed while the audio plays and the lights slowly brighten over the length of the play. 

When the lights reach their brightest and most golden, the play ends.