Jet Lag

The stage and house are plunged into darkness. Everything is dark for a while. A bedside clock with digital numbers reading 3:16 am are visible on stage. There is hard to see movement on stage and the sound of bed covers being moved around. A 5-10 minute audio track begins to play. 

On the audio track are sounds of an apartment at night. These include: cats running after each other across the floor, someone in another apartment flushing a toilet, a car driving by, a clock in another room ticking, water moving through pipes, floorboards creaking, weird snaps and pings of the building settling, something that could be a mouse scurrying across the floor, a branch scraping a window, a car driving by playing music, fabric shuffling, bed squeaks. 

A bedside lamp is turned on. Kate is sitting up surrounded by pillows and bed covers. 

Kate: I could keep lying here, wide awake, or I could just get up.