Where I flesh out one of the story ideas Matt wants me to write, but I don’t think is really my style

Kate sits down at a table. Behind her is a screen with the following text projected on it:

A personal assistant AI programmed to mimic Marina Abramovic’s stare does weird performance art when it gets buggy. Tech support is an art history major/therapist who helps interpret the weird performance art, predict how much time this particular performance cycle will take before your PA AI will get back to work, and talk you through your emotional responses to the performance. 

Kate: I’ll see what I can get down in three minutes. 

A timer goes up on the screen for three minutes.

Kate: While I’m working on this, please enjoy this dance piece by [names of dancers or dance company].

Dancers enter the stage. The timer starts, Kate begins writing. Kate writes. The dancers dance. 

When three minutes is up, Kate stops writing. The dancers stop dancing and leave the stage. 

Matt walks on stage and over to Kate sitting at the table. She hands him the page with the story. 

Matt reads the story to himself. He reacts as he sees fit.