Kate and two cast members walk to center stage. Cast member #1 is carrying a pen, a pad of paper and a stopwatch. Behind them is a screen.

CM #1: The rules are simple. For one minute, Kate will do something and as soon as [name of cast member #2] is able to tell her DON’T do whatever the thing is she’s doing, she’ll stop and have to come up with something new to do.

The tricky part for [CM #2] is they will have to articulate precisely what she’s doing to my satisfaction. And I am very exacting. The tricky part for Kate is that she will need to be as indescribable as possible.

Every time Kate has to stop and change her activity, [CM #2] gets a point. For every point [CM #2] gets, Kate will have to stand up here on stage for 10 seconds absolutely frozen in a position of [CM #2]’s choosing. For every time Kate stumps [CM #2], she gets to be free.

Could I get one minute up on the clock?

A timer with one minute appears on the screen.

CM #1: Contestants ready?

Kate and CM #2 confirm their readiness.

CM #1: Your time begins now.

The one minute timer begins.

Kate does as indescribable an action as she can come up with. CM #2 replies by telling her DON’T do whatever it is she is doing. They continue until one minute is up.

CM #1 tallies up the number of points CM #2 has won. CM #1 announces the results. For every point CM #2 has won, 10 seconds are added to the timer on the screen.

Then, CM #2 demonstrates the position Kate needs to hold. Kate gets into that position and stays there, not moving, until the time is up.

Then Kate is free.