Books read in 2014

1. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking; Susan Cain
2. The Art of War; Sun Tzu
3. Sick Puppy; Carl Hiaasen
4. Landscapes; J.B. Jackson
5. The Long War; Terry Prachett, Stephen Baxter
6. The Man Who Was Thursday; G.K. Chesterton
7. Ancillary Justice; Ann Leckie
8. The Butcher of Anderson Station; James SA Corey
9. The Terms of Enlistment; Marko Kloos
10. Seeing Is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees; Lawrence Weschler
11. Digital Divide; K.B. Spangler
12. Gods of Risk; James SA Corey
13. The Up Side of Down; Megan McArdle
14. Terra Incognita; Sara Wheeler
15. Single & Single; John le Carre
16. Neptune’s Brood; Charles Stross
17. Unlocked; John Scalzi
18. Wizard and Glass; Stephen King
19. Secret Knowledge; David Hockney
20. 1Q84; Haruki Murakami
21. Cibola Burn; James SA Corey
22. Beer Trails; Evan Rail
23. True to Life; Lawrence Weschler
24. Bridge of Birds; Barry Hughart
25. Serve It Forth; MFK Fisher
26. The Cold Dish; Craig Johnson
27. A Little Handbook of Shinrin-Yoku; M. Amos Clifford
28. Consider the Oyster; MFK Fisher
29. The Westing Game; Ellen Raskin
30. Abroad; Paul Fussell
31. Culture Shock Argentina; Fiona Adams
32. The Peripheral; William Gibson


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