Voyage Around My Room: Part 2, The Closet

What follows is a continuation of an out-right rip off I wrote in 2012 of Xavier de Maistre‘s book Voyage autour de ma chambre. Don’t miss the thrillingly explanatory Part 1, The Room.

The Closet 

The narrow closet has a bar for hanging, a shelf, and a door, but little space for anything else. It isn’t even possible to close the door when clothes are hung off the bar on regular hangers, and my laundry basket just barely fits in to the nook. A few suits, skirts, and a lovely haori jacket that I’ve never worn are stored there with the door open. I go through small panics occasionally that the clothes in there are getting dusty or faded and do strange tucking rearrangements to “protect” them without committing to anything practical like garment bags. The shelf above holds old floppy straw-looking summer hats and our three travel backpacks.

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