Voyage Around My Room: Part 5, The Walls

What follows is a continuation of an out-right rip off I wrote in 2012 of Xavier de Maistre‘s book Voyage autour de ma chambre. Don’t miss the epic Part 4, The Bed.

The Walls

Since there are only two things that have been placed on the walls, I shall start with them. The most recent addition is a six-inch glass stick thermometer hung on a nail by the glass loop at the top of the thermometer. The red indicator fluid picks up the red of the alarm clock’s digital numbers, the empty Altoids tins scattered around, and the red back of the chair against the west wall. Such is the nature of my interior design coordination. M had originally ordered the thermometer for photography development purposes, but it was too short to be suitable. I am a general fan of scientific and laboratory equipment for household uses and the aesthetics were appealing, so it was added to our decorative belongings.

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