Voyage Around My Room: Part 3, The Floor

What follows is a continuation of an out-right rip off I wrote in 2012 of Xavier de Maistre‘s book Voyage autour de ma chambre. Don’t miss the sensational Part 2, The Closet.

The Floor 

I don’t like the carpet. As the only carpeted floor in the apartment, I’m sure it is hiding a multitude of sins that would be more unbearable, but it is still pretty crappy. The carpet is beige. I’m not in love with beige, but at least it is innocuous, unobtrusively invisible in that no need to look here just move along kind of way. But the carpet materials are cheap, major paths are worn down and pilling after a couple years, so it always looks a little sad except in the first five minutes after vacuuming. The padding under the carpet is uneven and lumpy and a small fold is beginning to form in a high traffic area because it wasn’t pulled taut enough when it was installed. I used to do exercises on it every morning, but I found that the cushionyness made my pushups and sun salutation easier than they should be.

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