How much hope do you have?

Strung across the stage is a line with a large piece of dark cotton broadcloth fabric hanging from it. Along the top are clamps holding the fabric to the line. Behind the fabric, and slightly visible through the fabric’s weave, is a glowing white screen. 

Kate enters the stage with a step ladder. She sets the step ladder down in the center behind the dark fabric. She attaches two clamps about two inches apart to the bottom center of the fabric. She then steps to the top of the ladder and attaches two more clamps to the top of the fabric about two inches apart (lining up with the clamps at the bottom edge). 

Kate makes two snips on the upper edge of the fabric in between the two clamps. She grabs the snipped section and yanks it down, making two tears simultaneously. Kate pulls the snipped section all the way to the bottom, cutting it free from the larger piece of fabric if necessary. 

The glowing white screen is visible through the narrow tear in the fabric. 

Kate stands in front of the fabric. 

Kate: This is how much I have.  

Kate picks up the step ladder and exits the stage. The stage lights go out, but the glowing white screen stays on for another 15 seconds.