Using the larp non-verbal ok check-in (where thumbs up means yes, a level hand means unsure – which, in effect, registers as a no, and thumbs down means no) to negotiate and complete in one minute as many mutually-agreed upon activities as is possible between two people meeting for the first time on stage

Kate asks for a volunteer from the audience to join her on stage. She asks for another volunteer to keep time on a stopwatch. She asks another volunteer to keep score of how many times she and the stage volunteer agree upon then complete the tasks.

She and the stage volunteer stand center stage. There is a box on stage with all the necessary props for the activities that will be performed. There is a screen behind them. They turn to look behind them and the first slide reads “Ready?”

Kate and the stage volunteer use the hand signals to show how they feel. If either signals level hand or thumbs down, Kate encourages them to pause, take a couple deep breaths. Then the slide for “Ready?” reappears and Kate and the stage volunteer signal how they feel. If the stage volunteer isn’t ready, a new stage volunteer is found.

When thumbs up agreement is reached between Kate and the stage volunteer, the slides scroll through the following activities that Kate and the stage volunteer must decide to agree upon and perform or disagree upon and move to the next slide:

Do five jumping jacks

Slow dance

Sing a duet of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Drink from the same glass with separate straws

Role play asking someone on a date

Take off your shirt, exchange shirts, put on the other person’s shirt, then take off their shirt, exchange shirts, and switch back to your own shirt

Do si do

Simultaneously spit water on a big piece of tissue paper

Sit on the floor and share a story from your childhood about a memorable injury

Feed each other grapes

(More activities can be generated)

When the minute is up, Kate will ask the volunteer score keeper how many mutually-agreed upon activities she and the volunteer completed together. The results are celebrated or uncelebrated.

Kate thanks all the volunteers for their participation.