120 second switch

Two squares about 4ft x 4ft have been marked out with blue tape on the stage floor. They are labeled “A” and “B.”

In square A is a precariously and complexly stacked pile of tables, chairs, computing equipment, clothes drying racks, and books.

In square B is a precariously and complexly stacked pile of clothing, shoes, bedding, storage boxes, and bedside tables.

Kate stands by square A and another performer stands by square B. They warm up, jogging in place, stretching, yelling encouraging things to each other, and generally getting psyched. They encourage the crowd to get equally fired up.

At the back of the stage on a projection screen is the following text:

The two competitors on stage will attempt to disassemble the pile in their square, clear out their square for the other person, and then reassemble their pile in the other person’s square. The final piles must be contained entirely within their respective blue boundary lines.

To succeed, these competitors must complete the switch in only 120 seconds.

Kate and AP yell encouragement to each other and predict their successful achievement of these victory conditions.

A timer with 120 seconds appears on the screen. A series of five tones (mimicking car racing countdown tones) plays. When it reaches the final tone, the clock starts.

Kate and AP scramble to disassemble the piles. Items are moved about. Time elapses. The situation intensifies.

When the clock runs out, there is a harsh buzzer sound.

If Kate and AP are successful, “You are a winner!” Appears on the screen behind them.

If Kate and AP are unsuccessful, “You have been defeated” appears on the screen behind them.