A re-enactment of my continuing failure to read John Dewey’s Art as Experience

Down stage right in a pool of light is a stool with a copy of John Dewey’s Art as Experience on it, propped up so the cover is visible.

In the far corner from the stool, up stage left, is Kate. She begins walking toward the stool and the book.

Before she gets very far, a cast member hands her two very heavy sandbags. One is labeled “TUMBLR” the other is labeled “TWITTER.” Kate takes the heavy sandbags and puts one over each forearm.

Kate takes another step or two toward the stool. A second cast member stops her and drapes a very heavy chain around her neck. Holding the chain in place is a label saying “NETFLIX.”

Kate takes a few more steps toward the stool. The first cast member returns with two large bins full of sand and stops her. Kate sinks her feet into each of the bins of sand. One of the bins is labeled “FOOD,” the other bin is labeled “ALCOHOL.”

Kate scoots the bins forward with a shuffling movement. The second cast member stops her and puts over her shoulders a weighted blanket (the kind used for anxiety reduction) with the label “TIREDNESS” on it.

By this point, Kate should be approximately 2/3 of the way to the book and stool.

Before she is able to attempt to shuffle closer, the first cast member stops her and puts another weighted blanket over her shoulders, this one labeled “FEAR.”

Kate attempts to shuffle forward. The second cast member drapes another weighted blanket over her shoulders, this one is labeled “FUCK IT.”

Kate collapses on the floor under the weight of all the objects.