Three performers and Kate sit in a circle center stage. Projected on the screen behind them is the text “One way.”

Kate pulls out from behind her a plate. On the plate is a knife and a tasty-looking donut. Kate picks up the knife and divides the donut into four pieces. She offers the pieces to each of the performers. The performers take a donut piece and eat it.

The projected text on the screen changes to “Another way.”

Kate pulls out a blanket from behind her. She shakes out the blanket and pulls it around her shoulders. She opens one side to a performer.

Kate: Would you like some blanket?

The performer joins her under the blanket. The other two performers are also offered to join Kate, and they gather until all four are under the blanket together.

The projected text on the screen changes to “Yet another way.”

Kate invites the performers to sit in a circle again center stage. They sit.

Kate: I’d like to tell you something about myself that haven’t told any of you before.

Kate tells them something about herself they have not heard before.

The projected text on the screen changes to “A fourth way.”

Kate pulls her phone out of her pocket.

Kate: Please take a photo of whatever you like in the space, then post it on one of your social media accounts.

Kate and the performers take photos around the stage area, then post the photos.

The performers move back to center stage and stand in a row facing the audience. Kate hands each of the performers a card, and keeps one for herself. When the performer gets their card, they reveal what is printed on the other side. One card has “donut” printed on it. Another has “blanket,” another has “secret,” and the last has “phone.”

Kate turns to the audience.

Kate: [To tech crew] Could you raise the house lights? [To audience] We’d like to know which of these playlets you thought was the best example of sharing. Just raise your hands for the one you thought was best. Was it the donut?

The performer holding the donut sign counts the number of votes. This is repeated for each card.

Kate: Okay, [card name here] is clearly the winner.
Kate: Well, that was too close to call.

Kate: Now we’d like to know which one was the best example of performance.

The process is repeated for each card and the votes are tallied.

Kate: That is an interesting result. I couldn’t agree with you more.
Kate: That is an interesting result. I couldn’t disagree with you more.



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