Lonely as a cloud

Kate stands center stage with a humidifier, a gray wool blanket, and a pitcher of water. Kate picks up the pitcher of water and pours it into the humidifier. She plugs in and turns on the humidifier. She picks up the wool blanket and sits down behind the humidifier. She wraps the blanket around her shoulders.

Kate: Hiding is a key part of alone time.

The humidifier poofs out a stream of steam. Kate lifts the blanket up to cover her head and creates a tent over the humidifier with the blanket.

Kate: The hiding place needs to be nice. I need to bring in a few comforting things. The steam massages the inside of my lungs while the blanket keeps my head and back warm and protected.

Kate inhales the steam deeply.

Kate: It helps me to drift for a while.

Kate basks in the steam inside her wool tent, inhaling and resting.

Kate: Being in this cloud doesn’t feel bad. Loneliness can be very freeing. No one but me around to be.



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