New gig

I have exciting news: I’ve just joined Paper Droids as their Art & Literature editor!

Paper Droids is an online magazine dedicated to geeky girls and the cool stuff that they love. I’m thrilled to be part of promoting geek culture and supporting women writers who want to talk about their geeky interests.

I’m ready to get article pitches. If you’ve always wanted to write for a culture magazine about your deep love of space operas or you want to make a critical exploration of character and costume design in comic books, Paper Droids might be the place for you.

Book and story reviews are great, and I’m also looking for articles on a wider range of art topics like geeky art exhibits, theater, music, or dance performances. 

Take a look around the website. Check out the FAQ page. Get a feel for the kinds of articles Art&Lit covers. Then get in touch with me via e-mail ( Tell me a bit about you, give me a brief description of your article idea, send two or three short samples of writing, and we can go from there.

There is an amazing breadth of sci-fi, futuristic, and alternative-world art and literature out there, and I’m excited to give Paper Droid readers a great window to it. Join us!


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