First timer

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I went to my first RPG table top session yesterday. As a former actor and a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, I figured an RPG was worth a try. It was great.

The GM lead us through an intriguing post-apocalyptic world, and my player character, JJ, has a lot of potential. I’ve been turning the experience over in my mind, and certain aspects of the gameplay have been particularly interesting to ponder.

I didn’t know how challenging it would be to make decisions for my character that were consistent with what she would know. I might know or figure out some clues as Kate, but if JJ couldn’t know that from her set of life experiences or knowledge, she can’t use it. My brain was doing a tightrope walk between me and my PC throughout the session, which was unlike anything I had done while in theater.

Now that the group has played with these PCs for a session, the GM told us we could think of new skills we might like our characters to have. I’ve been struggling to figure out what would be a good addition to JJ’s skill set. There are a ton of things that might be cool for her to be able to do, but I also don’t want to pick a skill that corrects her shortcomings completely. I’m intrigued as to why I’m more worried about protecting her flaws than making her super well-rounded.

I was very absorbed in the story as we played. So absorbed, that I didn’t realize exactly how much time had passed. We were playing for around six hours, and I was engaged right through the end. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone tell me a story over six hours. Granted, I wasn’t just being passively entertained. There was a lot of interactivity and information I had to keep track of, but a lot of the time I was only listening to the story unfold. It was fascinating to have such a long story experience, relayed only by voice and a few hand-drawn sketches.

I’m looking forward to the next session. There is a lot of storytelling to explore here.


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