Books read in 2013

1. In Siberia; Colin Thubron
2. Hallucinations; Oliver Sacks
3. Gun Machine; Warren Ellis
4. The Lady and the Monk; Pico Iyer
5. No Dominion; Charlie Huston
6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Hunter S. Thompson
7. Devil Said Bang; Richard Kadry
8. Iron & Silk; Mark Salzman
9. Visit Sunny Chernobyl; Andrew Blackwell
10. Half the Blood of Brooklyn; Charlie Huston
11. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency; Douglas Adams
12. Blackbirds; Chuck Wendig
13. Call for the Dead; John le Carre
14. The Forever War; Joe Haldeman
15. Travels in a Thin Country; Sara Wheeler
16. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd; Agatha Christie
17. Eat and Run; Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman
18. Cooked; Michael Pollan
19. Forever Free; Joe Haldeman
20. The Belly of Paris; Emile Zola
21. American Death Songs; Jordan Harper
22. Redshirts; John Scalzi
23. The Drawing of the Three; Stephen King
24. The Serpent and the Rainbow; Wade Davis
25. Wandering Home; Bill McKibben
26. Smile at Strangers; Susan Schorn
27. Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls; David Sedaris
28. Abaddon’s Gate; James SA Corey
29. World War Z; Max Brooks
30. The Dot-Com City: New Silicon Valley Urbanism; Alexandra Lange
31. Eaarth: Making Life on a Tough New Planet; Bill McKibben
32. To Say Nothing of the Dog; Connie Willis
33. Old Man’s War; John Scalzi
34. How Buildings Learn; Stewart Brand
35. Paper Heroes: Appropriate Technology; Witold Rybczynski
36. Blue Highways; William Least Heat-Moon
37. Kill City Blues; Richard Kadrey
38. Writing About Architecture; Alexandra Lange, Jeremy M. Lange
39. Tenkara: Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing; Kevin C. Kelleher, Misako Ishimura
40. Scatter, Adapt and Remember; Annalee Newitz
41. The Ghost Brigades; John Scalzi
42. The Shambling Guide to New York City; Mur Lafferty
43. Dawn; Octavia E. Butler
44. The Last Colony; John Scalzi
45. Long Distance; Bill McKibben
46. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul; Douglas Adams
47. The Waste Lands; Stephen King
48. The Human Race to the Future; Daniel Berleant
49. The Long Earth; Terry Prachett, Stephan Baxter
50. The Looking Glass War; John le Carre
51. What Am I Doing Here; Bruce Chatwin
52. MaddAddam; Margaret Atwood
53. Year Zero; Rob Reid
54. The Great Stagnation; Tyler Cowan
55. Adulthood Rites; Octavia E. Butler
56. Far Off Things; Arthur Machen
57. Foundation; Isaac Asimov
58. The Autistic Brain; Temple Grandin
59. On the Decay of the Art of Lying; Mark Twain
60. Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome; Apicius
61. Crooked Little Vein; Warren Ellis
62. The Human Division; John Scalzi


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