2 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Signal (e.g. light) pulses through medium (e.g. window).
    Participants participate by recording signal and recording recording.

    Recoding it, by watching it play.

    If you arranged all the lightning flashes of the world, throughout time, in the right order, you would discover a very strange message in morse code…

  2. Can rain drive? Does it have a license? Do I need to call the cops?
    Is there an interface to deal with this?
    Do we need to buy everyone a round?
    I think I’ll meditate on that.

    What’s up horsemen? Looks like the first two are out of the gates.

    Other metaphors. Clouds. Rice just put on the boil. Gypsies.

    When I was a kid, my favorite worm was the Night Crawler. Awesome for fishing. Though, interestingly, I usually could catch fish with bacon. Actually, that’s not interesting. That’s just true.

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