Immersive Audio

I create immersive audio experiences to engage people’s imaginations and connect them with their immediate surroundings. Using my background in theater, film, and fiction, I write and produce locative audio pieces that listeners experience as they move through a specific place.

These pieces provide a way for listeners to consciously connect with a location through a new narrative layer. I seek to enrich listeners’ experiences of a place with these different stories, while encouraging them to explore the boundary between reality and fiction.

Just what is this locative narrative stuff?

Locative narratives are stories that are told and experienced as the audience moves through a specific location. GPS-guided smartphone applications have made it possible to link digital files to GPS coordinates that trigger playback or download of those files when a person moves past those coordinates. Locative narratives make use of this technology to set immersive stories in the most highly-detailed and multi-sensory environmental surroundings possible: the real world.

If you would like an overview of locative narratives and my process creating them with the VoiceMap application, I recommend watching this video of a presentation I did for StoryCode DC in 2016 on locative fiction.

If you would like to get a sense of what it’s like to experience one of my locative audio walks, watch this video a five-minute excerpt from part one of Greenway Quartet, “The Moongate.”

Check out the story summaries of my locative narrative pieces: