VoiceMap + lunch walk

My newest VoiceMap route The Water Garden is out! I’m thrilled to have it finished and be pulling into the final episode of the four-part series. I’ve just plotted the route for the fourth installment and will be jumping into writing the story tomorrow.

I also got to give a talk with StoryCode DC about my VoiceMap process, which was a great experience. There’s going to be a follow up event where we go on one of the routes in the coming weeks, so sign up with the StoryCode DC Meetup and stay tuned for the date and time.

Walking is great to clear my head around mid-day. Here are some photos with my trusty Instax 210 from a recent lunch walk.



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Robert Irwin at the Hirshhorn


There is a new exhibit of Robert Irwin’s work at the Hirshhorn Museum, All the Rules Will Change. I went to see it last weekend on a rainy day with a few of the other contemporary art faithful.

I’m an art nerd and a fan of Irwin’s work, so I totally dug it. We got to see his progression from an abstract painter to a definer of space with light and line. There’s a lot of talk about “no spoilers” for the site-specific installation he made for the exhibit, but I’m not sure if I could describe it sufficiently to spoil it for anyone. I’ll leave it that I was delighted by the piece. You need to see it for yourself if you are coming through D.C. before September.

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