FullSizeRender (1)Kate Gorman is a writer and artist working in fiction and immersive storytelling. Using her background in theater and film, she creates locative fiction audio experiences to engage people’s imaginations and connect them with their local surroundings. She wants to enrich people’s experiences of places through new narrative layers and encourage exploration of the boundary between reality and fiction.

She is the writer and producer of six locative fiction pieces, and she is the author of the novel ON THE ICE and the screenplay collection and creative guide INT-EXT. She was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship for 2018 by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for her work in locative fiction, and received a fellowship from the Joint Quantum Institute in 2016.  She also works in watercolor, creating tessellated fields inspired by color block quilting, brickwork, and floor tiling from traditional American craftsmanship.

Get in touch by emailing to namrogetak [at] gmail [dot] com or following her on Twitter and Instagram.